Fun in playing Kingdom Two Crowns

Fun in playing Kingdom Two Crowns. When it comes to playing games, everything goes back to what can be played and found from the new title. For some indie games, there are many who aren’t fortunate to be empowered by their developers, so the games you find only survive in one title.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns

From the Latest Information, Pixel nuanced game series titled Kingdom is one game that almost every year gets a new sequel. Even though it doesn’t provide many new features, this makes the presence of the sequel stressful to maintain gameplay and decorate it with the right touch. Well, at the end of this year, Toy Tree once again presented a new Kingdom game called Kingdom Two Crowns for various platforms such as PC via Steam, and XBOX and Nintendo Switch consoles.

The emergence of the attention multiplayer mode

One of the things that became very essential as an update in this game was the emergence of the multiplayer mode imposed in Kingdom Two Crowns. Here, you will be able to defend the kingdom that you protect with the help of other players. You can choose to do multiplayer online or locally with the help of two controllers.

On the one hand, this additional multiplayer makes your activity to collect resources and make defense easier. Games that rely on scrolling from two sides make you able to share focus with other players. Unfortunately, you will feel the consideration that becomes very crucial in the middle of the game that makes you depressed. Driven by time to make urgent decisions is more important than bidding with your partner.

What is the excitement in playing Kingdom Two Crowns?

New levels and combined features that make playing longer

For those who didn’t have time to play the Kingdom since the first game, you will be addicted to playing a two-dimensional side scrolling where you have to maintain the crown you are using. In this game, you will develop the kingdom and defend it from the invasion of evil creatures that will come from two sides every night. Later, you will build a fortress and recruit armies and regulate the economic system in this game. For other games, please visit Situs QQ.

Especially in the latest sequel, Kingdom Two Crowns. There is a new level where the economic system becomes more complicated and the number of enemies that come out every night is more. This will make you have a more regular rhythm. Unfortunately, this increase is only based on the combined features of the previous game, Kingdom New Lands which also requires you to move the island and feel the different ecosystems in it.

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Unfortunately, there are some new features that actually make gameplay in Kingdom Two Crowns make it lose touch. The presence of a new currency that is Gems on the one hand makes you have to have more consideration when upgrading. This feature that is very important unfortunately makes the game centered on how far. You can maintain the Gems in this game.