Get to Know Memory Foam Mattresses so You can Make the Best Choice

While spring form mattresses were the only type of mattress available for many years, and even though they still remain a popular option, memory foam mattresses are steadily becoming more popular. However, if a person is considering moving from a standard spring mattress to a memory foam mattress, there are lots of things to think about. Chief among them is to know the different types of memory foams.

Standard Memory Foam

Contrary to what people may think, not all memory foam mattresses are the same. Standard memory foam contours to a person’s body and cradles them when they sleep. This offers a far better level of support than what even the plushest spring mattress can offer. This is a great option for sleepers of all different positions.

Gel Foam

Gel foam mattresses are made from the same materials that are used in shoe inserts to offer more support and comfort. These mattresses are perfect for people that suffer from chronic pain issues. If a person has chronic back issues, an injury or perhaps a person exercises a lot and incurs a lot of aches and pains, a gel mattress can help relieve these pains and allow a person a better night of sleep than a standard memory foam mattress.

Air Cooled

One downside to gel foam or standard memory foam mattresses is they tend to run a bit hot. This can be a real issue for people who tend to run a bit hot when sleeping. That is why there are air cooled memory foam mattresses. These particular memory foam mattresses allow air to move through the top of the mattress which makes the bed much cooler than a regular memory foam mattress. Air cooled features can be found in both standard and gel foam units.

While there are plenty of other issues like using a mattress topper for more comfort, cost factors with various memory foam mattresses or mattresses with different layers and thicknesses, learning about the different options is important to get the right fit. This will help to ensure that you get the perfect mattress. If you need more details, you can find them here.