How to Start a Small Business Online Capital for Beginners

How to Start a Small Business Online Capital for Beginners – If you are looking for how to start an online business from scratch, then you have found the right place.

There must be many obstacles when entering an online business, one of which is the product you sell is not easy to sell on the market. Do you know what caused it? One of them we will discuss in this article and how to overcome it.

Though online business in Indonesia is quite promising, this is evidenced by the increasing number of growth in Indonesia’s e-Commerce transactions up 500% in 5 years.

So, if you sell the right product, it will definitely be easy to sell, this can be seen from Indonesia’s large digital economic potential.

What is an online business?

Online business is simply a business that is run through internet media. There are various types of businesses that you can run through the internet, such as selling goods or services, please read the article about online business opportunities to find out more.

There are steps that you have to do so that your online business can be run easily and have optimal results. This step is also useful for those of you who have little capital and have never run an online business. So that you easily understand it, here is a complete explanation of the steps to building an online business from scratch.

Find What People Need

If you want to easily sell products, make sure you find the market first and then provide products for your target market. This is the first step in starting an online business.

How do you start an online business?

You can look for problems that are most often faced by others, then look for products that can solve the problems they face. To find it, you can do it easily through the internet, here are some ways:

  1. Join various forums and social media groups then find various problems.
  2. Do the most sought-after keyword research, to do keyword research can use Google Trends or Keyword Planner for a more specific number of searches.
  3. Learn what potential competitors do through their website, then find out what they do to meet customer demand. After that, you can sell the same product in a way that is better than your potential competitors.

You don’t have enough capital to provide the goods?

Try the drop ship system, for more details, please download our ebook for how to start an online business without capital. We have also summarized the ideas of business opportunities that you can try to run in this article on how to do business online.

Understand what you sell

It is important for you to understand Complete information about the items you will sell. When you understand the product you are selling, it is sure that prospective buyers are also easier. In addition, you can also determine the selling price that is feasible in the market in order to be able to compete with competitors but still get profit.

Competitive Research

In order for your product to be able to compete in the market, do research on competitors about what their products are superior to your product. Also, find out how marketing strategies are carried out by competitors. That way you will be encouraged to be more creative to package and market your products.

When finding product weaknesses from competitors, immediately to maximize on your product or service. For example, from the time of delivery, the security of packaged goods or even bonuses offered.

Make Selling Copywriting

After you succeed in finding the problem most often faced by people and products to overcome these problems, then is to make a copywriting.

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