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What You Require Knowing About Handling Vaginal Dryness

A urogynecologist is a professional who has knowledge of both the female reproductive system and also the urinary system. When simply put, a urogynecologist handles the urinary system and pelvic issues of women. While these gynecologists have knowledge on obstetrics and gynecology, they have more training when it comes to treatment and evaluation of issues that affect female pelvic organs. There are particular non-cancerous issues that come after menopause, childbirth or aging and that is what the extra training equips them with. These problems that are treated by urogynecologists affect a majority of women. Gynecologic problems affect a majority of women, and the number is high than those going through depression, hypertension or diabetes.

Urinary incontinence, fecal uncontrol, vaginal dryness, bulging of the bladder and falling of the uterus are some of the pelvic floor issues that are treated by gynecologists. Prolapse is a steady process that happens over many years and this is where the female organs fall into the pelvic organ area. When the female organs fall on the pelvic area, that is where lack of voluntary control over defecation or urination begins. A majority of women experience vaginal dryness especially when they are past menopause or during menopause. Those women who are breastfeeding, going through replacement of hormones and pregnant ones are also at high risk of experiencing vaginal dryness. There are many ways in which vaginal dryness can be treated although some other factors such as stress and anxiety have also be found to cause vaginal dryness problem.

For those women that experience vaginal dryness, there are effects that they experience and this includes burning and itching, painful sexual intercourse and increased chances of contracting yeast infections. Women who have vaginal dryness avoid intimacy and that leads to issues such as loss of libido and issues in a relationship. There are many indicators that show that the vaginal area needs some moistening. As a woman, there is no need to worry since there are different remedy measures that can be taken in moistening the female genital area. Some of these measures include use of the right soap, regular intake of water, and use of herbal lubricants.

As a patient of these conditions, you can decide to explore either of the three options which include surgical, behavioral or pharmacological. However, before there is resort to use the surgical method, the doctor will always try to intervene using the other ways such as change of diet or use of exercises. The more the years of practice the more the experience of the urogynecologist.

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