Lightweight PC Games You Can Play Easily

Lightweight PC Games You Can Play Easily – Playing games is of course in accordance with your own call. There are some people who choose to play games to eliminate their complaints and boredom. In fact, many people are addicted to the game until they are willing to spend almost 24 hours enjoying their favorite game.

There are many ways for gamers, such as those who like games, to play their games. By using PlayStation 3 or 4, Xbox, Android even via PC. That is a personal computer both with a laptop or computer. Playing games using your own PC is more interesting because of course the graphic display is better and more satisfied than playing with a cellphone.

Especially when you work using a PC, it can be between busy when you feel bored and saturated, a little refreshing the brain by opening the existing game and start playing it. Then do you always have to use a high specification PC to be able to play cool with a PC? Relax, you can use a PC with 2GB of RAM to play some of the games below.

This is an exciting game for PCs with 2GB of RAM

Hitman’s Blood Money

One of the games that you can use using PC Ram is limited to 2 GB is the Hitman Blood Money game. This game is one game that is light and easy to use. This game is an Eidos Interactive problem that is the result of development by IO Interactive. Game that describes contract killers who work professionally.

For those of you who like challenging games, it is very suitable to have this game. The Hitman Blood Money game can bring you as if there really is a story built. The success of this game is marked by a lot of criticism and also game sales that can penetrate up to 2.1 million copies. You can also play other interesting games on this Agen Bola.

Are There Other Lightweight PC Games That Can Be Played?

Cause 2

One game that is highly recommended for you. Is one of the very interesting adventure games. Game developed by Avalanche Studio and published in 2010 by Eidos Interactive. One game intended for users of Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PS 3.

For Indonesian gamers, they must be proud, making this game inspired by settings from Indonesia and Malaysia. Cool, right? Sales of this game exceed the imagined target. Being able to penetrate 6 million copies is a remarkable achievement.

Not even a few who gave criticism and praise for this very interesting action game. Are you interested in having it? No need to use a PC with high specifications, with 2 GB of RAM you can enjoy this interesting action game.

Bio Shock

The game published by 2K this game was originally published for PS 3, Xbox 360 and PC users in August 2007. But along with the development of the age of this game it continues to be improved and can be used for several other gaming tools such as PS 4. You can access this game with it’s easy to use a PC with only 2 GB RAM specifications.

What’s interesting about this game, besides being able to fight directly, you can also use trickery by eliminating tricks and traps so that the enemy falls into the trap you have prepared. This game is very interesting because you will continue to be curious about this game so that you continue to feel challenged and addicted to completing each mission.

Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is a game released in 2012 published by 505 Games developed by Rebellion Development. This game is a development of the previous game called Elite Sniper. You can also play this Agen Bola game on your Android.

Nothing from the background to the characters has changed just a different narrative from the previous game. This game supports you playing with friends and opponents because it has online features. Very interesting for you to try.