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Selecting The Right Strapping Tool For Your Task

A strapping tool will be very useful when you are trying to put together some boxes or other materials that would be intended for storage or transport. That is because a good strapping tool can strap together tightly the materials and will prevent them from falling over. You will be preventing the injury of some other people or the damage on some other goods if you can prevent these objects from falling over. That is why many people are considering these strapping tools to be a worth it investment. But how will you know what kind of strapping tool is the right one for your task? There are a lot of different strapping tools that you can choose from available in the market and you can be confused on what kind of tool will be enough for the job that you are doing or if a strapping tool is way too much for the task at hand.

What are the types of strapping tools

There are a lot of different kinds of strapping tools in the market and it would range from the devices that are hand held to the huge machines, they would all depend on how big the bundles that are needed to be strapped and how quickly you want the strapping to be done. Below are different types of strapping tools that you might be facing in your search for the right tool for your task.

Tensioners – these are the strapping tools that are hand held and are usually manually operated. These tensioners are usually intended for tasks that would need small bundling. If you are trying to bundle poles, rods, or some other materials in a small bundle, then the tensioner is good choice of strapping tool. A tensioner that has a woven polyester strap can also be one of your options.

Sealers – these strapping tools that are used to give a strong hold on items that are small but are quite heavy because these strapping tools use plastic or steel straps for a more durable hold. The sealers are also hand held and manually operated.

Combination tools – these strapping tools are also hand held. These strapping tools also make use of plastic or steel straps. You will be using combination tools if you are trying to bundle together some slightly big materials but want to use a hand held device. The combination tools both act as a tensioner and a sealer at the same time.

Those are just the type of strapping tools under the hand held category. You may be also encountering some strapping tools that are automatic or can be operated both automatic and manually. That is because there are some facilities that could not strap the materials in bundles using manually operated tools because of the huge size.

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