The Meaning of Five Pillars of Islam

The Meaning of Five Pillars of Islam – In all of the religions, they have their own pillars that all of the people have to follow. In Islam, this religion is known for its five pillars of Islam. Yes, this is five things that can be considered as the real pillars of Islam. Of course, when you are talking about the pillars on this religion, there are another two main pillars of Islam. They are the holy book of Koran and Hadist. However, those two things are considered as the basic principle of how the people should live. On the other hand, the five pillars are the real pillars that will show the overall life of the Moslem.

The first pillar of Islam is stating Syahadat. This is the sentence saying that Allah is the God and Muhammad is the prophet. This one might be something simple to say. However, this is the essence of Islam itself. Islam is trying to plant this thing on the unconscious mind of the Moslem all of the time. The second of five pillars of Islam is pray. In Islam, all of the Moslems have the obligation to pray five times in a day. Even though there are several, the time is not that long, only five minutes at max.

The third one is fasting. There are some kinds of fasting that you can find in Islam religion. Yet, the thing highlighted on the third pillar is the fasting on Ramadan. The fourth one is Zakat. It is the charity on the Islamic way. This one is meant to help the people who are in need and unlucky enough. Besides that, the charity is also meant to purify the wealth of the Moslem. The last one is Hajj. It is the pilgrimage to Mecca as the real capital city of Moslem all around the world. This is also the last of five pillars of Islam.