This Ranked Match Playing Tips in Game Arena of Valor (AOV)

This Ranked Match Playing Tips in Game Arena of Valor (AOV) is a guide that you can refer to in this article. A fun experience playing Arena of Valor is when fighting with friends. Supported by solid team work and a stable internet connection, winning or losing feels satisfying.

Arena of Valor (AOV)

Arena of Valor (AOV)

For those of you who have just become mid-level challengers, here are some games for you to win when you play at the Arena of Valor (AOV) or popularly known as AOV. More details, see the review below.

Use the Hero you control the most

The Arena of Valor is made with great attention to justice and balance, so victory depends on your ability to optimize the hero. So use a hero you master when playing matches. If you want to learn or try a new hero, you can play in Quick Match mode. You can also play other exciting games at Poker Online.

Pay attention to the composition of the Hero

In order for your team to fight effectively and bring victory, it is very important to pay attention to the balanced composition of the hero. There are six types of heroes or roles in the Arena of Valor, namely Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Archer, and Support. As a true gamer Arena of Valor (AOV), of course you have to master more than one hero with different roles.

Arcana Exploration

Apart from mastering the hero, the difference between beginner players and more pro players is that they arrange Arcana, use Talents that match the hero, and build the right Item. Feel free to explore and read the various guides available on the internet.

Buy Arcana, Not Hero

Arena of Valor often holds events, where you can get a number of heroes for free. So, the gold you collect can be used to buy Arcana and Arcana mixes for your favorites.

There are a total of twelve Arcana pages available, three of which you can use for free. That is, you can only mix Arcana for 3 heroes for free. The rest of the Arcana page You can buy with gems if needed.

Arcana Set

The easiest way to set up Arcana is to look at the recommendations section. The system will choose Arcana that matches your hero. Determine your favorite hero and fill the Arcana slot with level 2 or level 3 Arcana while playing Arena of Valor (AOV).

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A total of 30 Arcana slots are divided into 3 main parts. The Arcana slot will open when the level increases. For example, I chose the Squd hero with the Warrior type. Then, I bought Arcana level 2 or level 3 recommended by the system.